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WELCOME to the website of the MOAA Uniformed Services Nurse Advocates  Virtual Chapter.  If you are concerned about Military Healthcare issues which affect Uniformed Service Members (currently serving and Reserve/Guard components, Retirees, Veterans and their families), you’ve landed at the right site. If you’re a current or past member of a Uniformed Services Nurse Corps, you’re on a great path.  We also require membership in the Military Officers Association of America, but that can be done as part of the application process at no cost.  We also charge no dues!  Our members have had interesting and diverse careers, with extraordinary expertise in many areas of nursing.  Nurses have always been patient advocates, caring for them continues through advocacy for healthcare-related legislation and other important MOAA goals.

President's Update

October 2021

Thank you for remaining an Active Advocate!!  Through your outreach efforts MUSNAVC now has 350 Members in all 50 States.  Now add the members of the other 3 Virtual Chapters, and that’s over 600 pioneer MOAA members.


Here’s an issue that often affects 381 MOAA chapters, and that challenge is “How can we find excellent speakers?”  I think that an untapped potential is the technical ability to have more than one chapter join in on a planned chapter meeting that has planned known mighty fine speaker.  So how about sending MUSNAVC@gmail.com your ideas for future programs and also with that suggestion, if you belong to a geographic chapter, please include that chapter name.  Then we can research for speakers on that topic and if you send in a good idea, I can contact your Chapter and see if we can come to an agreement.  We like to try new things and I think that trying this idea could be very rewarding.


We’re continuing to develop programs that encourage getting to know one another.  Our Board members have been key to developing these programs.  Please keep up with the news and join in when you can!   


Virtual Chapters now have the opportunity to send recommendations for attendees to the Regional Leadership workshops.  These are great opportunities and help to prepare members for certain MOAA positions in Leadership, Membership, Legislative and Surviving Spouses.


A with every association, there is always an ongoing outreach for volunteers to assist with the rewarding work that it takes to keep a chapter or program going, so please think about how you can assist MUSNAVC and help to make a difference!


Blessings to you and yours!    JG

Recent Up-Dates

Next Meeting

19 October2021
7:45 PM (Eastern Time)

Guest Speaker: Karen Ruedisueli
                                         MOAA Director of Health Affairs

Defense Health Agency Transition Update

Member Meetings

Monthly member meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning at 1945 Hours (Eastern) via Zoom Conference.

Members are sent an email reminder message containing the dial-in number and a link to the conference.  Participants are encouraged to use the computer link in order to view the slides used to facilitate the meeting and guest speaker presentations.  If you do not have a computer available you may dial in for audio only participation.

We have Guest Speakers or Facilitated Discussions pertaining to Military Healthcare Issues of Interest. Guest Speaker slides are available on our 'Member's Login' page.

29 September 2021


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