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President's Welcome

Hello, and WELCOME to the website of the MOAA Uniformed Services Nurse Advocates  Virtual Chapter.  If you are concerned about Military Healthcare issues which affect Uniformed Service Members (currently serving and Reserve/Guard components, Retirees, Veterans and their families), you’ve landed at the right site. If you’re a current or past member of a Uniformed Services Nurse Corps, you’re on a great path.  We also require membership in the Military Officers Association of America, but that can be done as part of the application process at no cost.  We also charge no dues!  I invite you to join in this exciting, pioneering initiative. Our members have had interesting and diverse careers, with extraordinary expertise in many areas of nursing.  While I no longer put my hands on patients, I feel that my caring for them continues through my advocacy for healthcare-related legislation, and other important MOAA goals.

President's Update

Dear Members,


As 2021 commences, I thought it important to reflect on how this pandemic has affected not only the United States but also hopefully, the “United World States” for as this pandemic has been “gloomingly” apparent, COVID-19 has not stopped at any borders but caused death and destruction everywhere.

 The human spirit persists through the loss of family, friends, economy, and enormously stressed health care systems as demonstrated by significant demonstrations of generosities and communities pulling together to support the underserved.  Science has prevailed even though we do have some naysayers and so we are relieved that with the production of two vaccines and significant therapeutics, there is potential for great reductions in the onset and severity of illness, and mortality rates. 

The absolute commitment, skill and dedication by healthcare team members is so appreciated and respected.  We root for every system whether urban or rural, conus or o-conus.  I must admit however, that I get impatient when our citizens ignore CDC guidelines and thus put our healthcare team members, and their own families and community members at risk.

I am grateful to everyone who is trying their best to be protective. And we know that to put an end to COVID, we need to ensure that all the world’s population has access to the vaccines.  I know that we all yearn to return to those better days.  Here’s to 2021 and let us continue to do what we can to support our families, communities, all healthcare team members and our MOAA mission.



03 January 2021

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19 January2021

7:45 PM (Eastern Time)

Member Meetings

Monthly member meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning at 1945 Hours (Eastern) via Tele-Web Conference.

Members are sent an email reminder message containing the dial-in number and a link to the conference.  Participants are encouraged to use the computer link in order to view the slides used to facilitate the meeting and guest speaker presentations.  If you do not have a computer available you may dial in for audio only participation.

We have Guest Speakers or Facilitated Discussions pertaining to Military Healthcare Issues of Interest. Guest Speaker slides are available on our 'Member's Login' page.

14 January 2021




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