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WELCOME to the website of the MOAA Uniformed Services Nurse Advocates  Virtual Chapter.  If you are concerned about Military Healthcare issues which affect Uniformed Service Members (currently serving and Reserve/Guard components, Retirees, Veterans and their families), you’ve landed at the right site. If you’re a current or past member of a Uniformed Services Nurse Corps, you’re on a great path.  We also require membership in the Military Officers Association of America, but that can be done as part of the application process at no cost.  We also charge no dues!  Our members have had interesting and diverse careers, with extraordinary expertise in many areas of nursing.  Nurses have always been patient advocates, caring for them continues through advocacy for healthcare-related legislation and other important MOAA goals.  

Purpose of MUSNAVC

To promote and support the Military Officers Association of America;


To foster fraternal relations and camaraderie among Military Nurses;


To advocate for Healthcare related services and programs for all Military service members, former and present.

Chapter Update

   2023 is off with a robust start. We are looking forward to keeping the momentum and progress going. Last year our membership had grown from 258 members in 174 Congressional districts to 473 members with an outreach in 204 Congressional districts.  We owe this mainly to our members spreading the word and bringing your colleagues to join us.  During our January meeting your Board of Directors briefed on some of our 2022 successes and shared plans for 2023.  Remember that we record presentations from the meetings and post them in the members only section of our website.

   The Board of Directors are brainstorming ways to make more connections with you and find ways to find ways to enhance our service to you.  I would like to share a few with you. 

  1. Advocacy and Advocacy in Action 2023:  This year MOAA is returning to ‘in person’ meetings with Congressional representatives on the Hill.  MOAA will announce the top issues soon and teams will be formed.  MUSNAVC is working with Government Relations at MOAA to develop additional ways for Virtual members to participate in this event.  Watch for more information to be coming before April.  Your response to the MOAA newsletter, ‘Take Action’ issues remain crucial to the overall success throughout the year.

  2. QA/QI and Communication:  MUSNAVC has a strong working relationship with MOAA and they are interested in knowing concerns and issues brought forward from our members.  We will soon develop a QA/QI Corner on our website where members may submit DHA, access to care, Tricare, pharmacy, and other issues which will be evaluated and appropriately shared with MOAA Healthcare team.

  3. Buddy Call and Buddy Care:  We will be expanding this program from calls following natural emergencies to include calls and emails to those requesting a friendly voice related to isolation and/or illness.  

  4. State level Advocacy Issues:  We are exploring different venues to have our members become more involved with State level legislation issues.  Watch for more information.


   Remember, just being a member helps the “Cause”.  If, however, you can think of more MUSNAVC can do to support, engage, or just increase your satisfaction with being a member, please let us know.  If you would like to be more engaged, we always welcome the support.

Thank You for your commitment to “Never Stop Serving”.  

Special Event

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Recent Up-Dates

Member Meetings

Wednesday, 15 February 2023
7:45 PM (Eastern Time)

Cheryl K. Schmidt, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN

Clinical Professor, Pre-licensure Program

Arizona State University

Read Bio HERE

The American Academy of Nursing launched a campaign called Have You Ever Served to educate health professionals and military veterans about the health risks they may face related to their military service. This session will explore the signs and symptoms of these risks and provide resources to assist veterans in obtaining the help that they need.


Snapshot of Last Meeting

Our last meeting on 18 January 2023 had very good attendance and participation.  We met the Board of Directors,

Reviewed our successes and initiatives in 2022 and looked at our plans going forward in 2023.  We had a good member discussion on what you would like to see and hear more about.

Members can view the recording by going to the 'Members Only' section and click on 'Guest Speaker' page

Member Meetings

Monthly member meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month beginning at 1945 Hours (Eastern) via Zoom Conference.

Members are sent an email reminder message containing the dial-in number and a link to the conference.  Participants are encouraged to use the computer link in order to view the slides used to facilitate the meeting and guest speaker presentations.  If you do not have a computer available you may dial in for audio only participation.

We have Guest Speakers or Facilitated Discussions pertaining to Military Healthcare Issues of Interest. Guest Speaker slides are available on our 'Member's Only' page.

09 January 2023



Congressional Districts

Nurses with a Mission


Never Stop Serving

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