Public Health and Legislation Effect on Military Health Care

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President's Welcome

Hello, and WELCOME to the website of the MOAA Uniformed Services Nurse Advocates  Virtual Chapter.  If you are concerned about Military Healthcare issues which affect Uniformed Service Members (currently serving and Reserve/Guard components, Retirees, Veterans and their families), you’ve landed at the right site. If you’re a current or past member of a Uniformed Services Nurse Corps, you’re on a great path.  We also require membership in the Military Officers Association of America, but that can be done as part of the application process at no cost.  We also charge no dues!  I invite you to join in this exciting, pioneering initiative. Our members have had interesting and diverse careers, with extraordinary expertise in many areas of nursing.  While I no longer put my hands on patients, I feel that my caring for them continues through my advocacy for healthcare-related legislation, and other important MOAA goals.

President's Update

March 2020


 I can clearly remember how years ago, we dealt with the pretty regular “there’s always something changing”.  Now the speed and complexity of “change” is pretty much almost over the top!  We learn almost daily, how the transformation of the military healthcare system is affecting service members and their families, retirees, and how the civilian healthcare networks are being counted on in a variety of ways.


We are very fortunate to have the National MOAA team right out front, keeping up with the DHA, VA, TMC, all services and Congressional complexities and ensuring that we are kept up to date with all of the important changes and where our advocacy efforts can have the greatest impact.  What has not changed for MUSNAVC, is our continued membership growth and engagement.  Our strength is demonstrated in our commitment to “Never Stop Serving” and learning from one another.


We have “adopted” the 411th Hospital Center, FWD and our members are reaching out to that staff.  We have expanded our Board membership and enthusiastically welcome COL Melissa Mitravich, USAR, Commander of that unit. All of our uniformed services have Reserve components so we’ve got lots to learn about this level of outreach. “One Team” is expanding.


And wherever we reside, communities and governments at all levels, nationally and internationally are working on the coronavirus (COVID 19) growing public health dilemma.  I know that we will be making a difference somehow!  Know that Department of Defense has a vast Infectious disease program and has been with the uniformed services public health leadership to integrate those plans up and down the line. 





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16 June2020

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Monthly member meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning at 1945 Hours (Eastern) via Tele-Web Conference.

Members are sent an email reminder message containing the dial-in number and a link to the conference.  Participants are encouraged to use the computer link in order to view the slides used to facilitate the meeting and guest speaker presentations.  If you do not have a computer available you may dial in for audio only participation.

We have Guest Speakers or Facilitated Discussions pertaining to Military Healthcare Issues of Interest. Guest Speaker slides are available on our 'Member's Login' page.

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