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MOAA Advocacy Update

How to prepare and interact with your representative for legislation support.

Make your Voice Heard and Call Your Reps!

Find your U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators with a link to their websites. We encourage you to sign up for their periodic emails and updates.

Understand the Legislative Process
Review this 5 minute video which describes the process of our legislative branch in action.


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On behalf of the more than 355,000 members of the Military Officers Association of America, thank you for supporting our advocacy efforts.
It's because of people like you that MOAA is as successful as it is on Capitol Hill.
Thank you for being the embodiment of MOAA's commitment to Never Stop Serving.

See the current issues requiring your support and response.  

Find specific legislation information from the Library of Congress.  This site will allow you to read the bill, see the sponsors, provide the status and dates, read the summary and much, much more.



Advocacy: strategy to influence policy makers when they make laws and regulations, distribute resources, and make other decisions that affect peoples' lives. Advocacy is essentially about three things:

1. Creating policies where they are needed when none exist.

2. Reforming harmful or ineffective policies.

3. Ensuring good policies are implemented and enforced.


The goal of advocacy is policy change.


This year, MOAA has consolidated the annual State Report Card and State Tax Guide. The color-coded maps assess each state on the taxability of military retired pay and survivor benefits (top map) and whether or not states have enacted legislation addressing servicemember and military family issues tracked by the Defense State Liaison Office (bottom map).  Click HERE to view maps and select your State and view Report Card

Find your local State Legislative site and stay informed and get involved with local issues and legislation.

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