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Army, Navy and Air Force medical personnel care for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and all who come in harm's way -- on and off the battlefield. 

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Blue Water Navy

Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans and Agent Orange Exposure.


Since the end of the Vietnam War, veterans have reported numerous health effects. Herbicides used in Vietnam, in particular Agent Orange, that contained the highly toxic chemical 2,3,7,8-tetrachloro-dibenzo-p-dioxin (also referred to as TCDD), have been associated with a variety of cancers and other long-term health effects. The Agent Orange Act of 1991 established a presumption of herbicide exposure for veterans who served in Vietnam and who developed one or more of the diseases associated with Agent Orange exposure. Such a presumption is necessary for a Vietnam veteran to receive disability compensation if he or she has an Agent Orange-associated disease.     Read Summary and History HERE

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Veterans and Opioids

Military making headway on Opioid Epidemic among servicemembers, vets, official say  But military retirees who use opioids remain a concern. The majority of long-term opioid patients – 83 percent – are older than 45 years old, most likely to be a retiree or a relative of one and they seek care outside military hospitals and clinics.

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Defense Health Agency Director: Progress in Preventing Opioid Abuse, More Needs to Be Done

The Military Health System is making progress in preventing and managing opioid abuse among its beneficiaries, but further actions in education and prevention are needed, the director of the Defense Health Agency said. 

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See additional articles and information on the Veterans Opioid Crisis and what is being done.  Click button below

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Burn Pits

The Largest burn pit in Iraq was located at Balad Air Base. On average, 147 tons of refuse was burned a day. The toxic fumes were breathed in by the 25,000 American Soldiers stationed there.  Watch PBS report from 16 Jan 2019 on refusal to here case.

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Are Burn Pits the new Agent Orange of this generation?  Find out more on Burn Pits and what Legislation is being done to address this issue.

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