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Advocacy in Action


At the end of April, MOAA will send teams of council leaders to Washington, D.C., to meet with  their legislators on the Hill.  The aim is to contact every one of the 535 congressional offices.

We want to make the most of the opportunity to return to the Hill but we cannot rely solely on these visits - we need your help to increase our voice.  You can make a remarkable difference from home before and after our AiA 2023 event.

 Whether you're new to Advocacy or would like a refresher, our Advocacy Tool Kit, below, is a good source of information.

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How to Support and be Involved

Your involvement and support is crucial for the success of Advocacy in Action 2023
- Visit the local office of your Representative and discuss the issues.
- Call your Representative or their staff and share the information found on the MOAA             Issue Papers, found below.
Send a message to your lawmakers by
simply clicking the links below.
Anyone can send a message using the MOAA link.  If not a member, just check "other" when asked for your military affiliation.

Restore the TRICARE Pharmacy Network

  • Join the Fight: Thousands of independent pharmacies have left the network, threatening a critical benefit for many in rural areas, as well as elderly beneficiaries and those with serious medical conditions. MOAA wants increased Congressional oversight over a strong, accessible network.

  • Learn More: Download MOAA's issue paper.  

  • Take Action: Send this message to your lawmakers.

Pay Full Housing Costs for Servicemembers

  • Join the Fight: MOAA seeks to restore the Basic Allowance for Housing to 100%.

  • Learn More: Download MOAA's issue paper.  

  • Take Action: Send this message to your lawmakers.

New to Advocacy or need a Refresher?
Open the Tool Kit below for the Basics



Find your congressional representatives on the above links.  Click on your State or enter your zip code.  You will find their National office, local offices, addresses, phone numbers, and email.

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Help MOAA Fight Cuts to the TRICARE Pharmacy Network

Tricare Pharma.jpg

MOAA continues efforts to restore the TRICARE pharmacy network by including the issue as part of our spring Advocacy in Action (AiA) event, where more than 200 MOAA members will visit congressional offices to generate support for MOAA’s legislative priorities. Read further HERE

Urge Your Legislators to Pay Full Housing Costs for Servicemembers


The availability of affordable rental housing is a national problem – one made worse for servicemembers thanks to frequent moves and the unique needs of their profession. Servicemembers don’t choose where they are stationed, and they are always on call. The challenges mount further for families of those in uniform more likely to be unemployed or underemployed.  Find out more HERE

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