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MUSNAVC Healthcare Issue Liaison 




Defense Health Agency



MUSNAVC is the only MOAA chapter with healthcare affinity members in all 50 States.  We have beneficiaries that span all categories and utilize a variety of healthcare facilities and programs.


As a result of our professional training and leadership experience, most uniformed nurses are able to recognize, identify, and evaluate policies and practices which may affect, impact, or have an expectant negative outcome in healthcare delivery. This makes us an ideal source for identifying issues and concerns with our Healthcare system.


The MUSNAVC Healthcare Issue Liaison Team (HILT) will collect reports to identify trends or issues which may impact the overall healthcare of our Uniformed Service beneficiaries.  Evaluation of the issues may result in guest speakers, further information, or referral to National MOAA Health Affairs, for clarification and/or additional actions.  This IS NOT for resolution or action on personal issues, or individual concerns.  Continue to use the patient advocate, of the appropriate agency, for personal issues.  The issue SHOULD have an impact or effect on the overall, general beneficiary population.

The MUSNAVC HILT will serve as an adjunct for healthcare issue reporting with the MOAA "Share your Story" pharmacy campaign, with additional issues. 

All information will be kept confidential and you may be contacted for clarification, additional information, and/or permission to share concern with National MOAA.


Example of Issues/Concerns

  • Delay in making appointments

  • Specialty Care unavailable

  • Pharmacy costs and access

  • MTF not seeing dependents or retirees

  • Staffing issue affecting access to care

  • Referrals unavailable/delayed

  • Unable to attain Medical Readiness (PHA) appointments at an MTF

  • Policy change or new policy implemented

If you have any questions about submitting this form or question if issue is appropriate to  submit, contact us and we'll gladly answer or clarify.  Thank you for letting us know of your concern.

Share your issue/concern with us
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Thanks for sharing! Never Stop Serving!

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