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Submitted by Ed Baisden

31 December 2020

COL (Ret) Ed Baisden

Membership Update:  End-of-Year 2020


For all the negative things we saw in 2020, and there were certainly more bad things than we deserved, our MUSNAVC Virtual Chapter came out looking surprisingly good regarding Membership.  In just raw numbers, we started the year with 224  members and ended with 316. We added members in the final seven states we were “missing” and now have members in all fifty states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, advocating  in 165 Congressional Districts.


We have plans for 2021 to expand and reorganize our  Membership “Committee” which now has only one person.  We will be breaking out all the functions into discrete segments which can be handled by newly added members of the Committee, without imposing too much work onto any single person.  Some initial thoughts on how these functions might be broken out:


*  SOCIAL MEDIA:  Monitors our Facebook Group page to ensure that it stays up to date; sharing posts from other groups and organizations with information of interest to our members.


*  SCOUTING: Perhaps one person per service focused on finding “prospects” who have the  requisite current or past service as a Uniformed Service Nurse.


*  RECRUITING:  Working from the list of “prospects” reaches out to convince them to join.  They only need to formalize their willingness by saying  “I Want to Join the Virtual Chapter”.  This function could also be combined with “Scouting”.


*  ASSESSING:  Obtains all necessary personal information for our local files as well as the National MOAA data base.  Data will be entered into our “New Member In-Processing Check List”.


*  RECORDING: Working from the checklist, enters the new member's information into the National MOAA “Committee Module” (CM), working with the Member Service Center to set up a new National Membership, if required. Updates all local files, then updates the MUSNAVC Website pages that are impacted by adding a new member.  Updates the Board of Directors with the latest data.


If you would like to help, please just send us an email expressing your interest and we’ll get with you to sort out how you might make a much-needed contribution to the overall management of the Chapter.


As always, if you think our advocacy efforts are worthwhile, help us expand that influence by suggesting that your friends, who have served as a Uniformed Service Nurse, join us.  All they need to do to start the process is to click on this LINK and fill out the online application. This is particularly easy with your friends on Facebook.  We have had good results in recruiting FB referrals, but there many members of our FB Group who have not yet joined the VC.  It is NOT necessary for an applicant to already be a member of MOAA; We can make that happen very easily as part of the application process.


 We have also created an OUTREACH LETTER with information about the chapter, along with an application form, which includes an easy way to join MOAA for those who are not yet members.  I’d like to suggest that you print off a few of these, put them in envelopes and be ready to pass them along to eligible folks you might run into at your Nurse Organization meetings and conferences or at promotion/retirement ceremonies.  It is both easy and cheap and these gatherings probably present “target-rich environments”.


Thanks very much for your continued support and willingness to “Never Stop Serving”.  Cheers…Ed Baisden, Membership Chair


January 2021

Submitted by webmaster

Here is a look at the 2021 NDAA and some of the key items MOAA has advocated for.

We await to see what the new Administration and new Congress will bring.

You can be certain MUSNAVC will continue to advocate for issues important to all of our beneficiaries.  

COL (Ret) Lorna Griess


January 2021

Submitted by webmaster

Visit MOAA Surviving Spouse Website for more information and resources HERE

LTC (Ret) Susan McKennon

October Surviving Spouse Virtual Chapter meeting (VC02)


Read meeting summary HERE


Submitted by webmaster

Visit our Transition and Job Search page HERE

COL Tonya Dickerson

January 2021


MOAA offers a range of resources for servicemembers seeking to take the next step in their professional life. Whether you plan to enter the workforce or maximize your GI Bill benefits, don't skip this must-read guidance.

Get the details from the MOAA 2021 Transition Guide HERE

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