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Submitted by Ed Baisden

Octobher 2020

COL (Ret) Ed Baisden

Our Virtual Chapter remains healthy and growing.  As of 15 June 2020, we have 260 members in 45 states (and Puerto Rico) representing 139 congressional districts. We are looking for members to join from DE-MS-ND-SD-WV.  I would like to set a goal for recruiting in 2020…how cool would it be to find members from those last five states? You now have a targeted audience from which to recruit! We continue to try to recruit new members and encourage every current member to act as a recruiter. 


DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR?  That was the opening paragraph for my “Membership Committee” report from 15 June.  This is written as-of 20 October and I have some incredibly good news to report.  As of today, we have MEMBERS IN ALL FIFTY STATES! We also added an additional forty-three members (now at 303) and seventeen Congressional Districts (now at 156).  Thanks for all your help.  Now, I just need a new recruiting goal for 2020.  I had thought to  shoot for additional territories beyond Puerto Rico but have learned that National MOAA doesn’t  have a presence in any territory other than Puerto Rico.  Any suggestions?


If you think our advocacy efforts are worthwhile, help us expand that influence by suggesting that your friends, who have served as a Uniformed Service Nurse, join us.  All they need to do to start the process is to click on this LINK and fill out the online application. This is particularly easy with your friends on Facebook.  We have had good results in recruiting FB referrals, but there many members of our FB Group who have not yet joined the VC.  It is NOT necessary for an applicant to already be a member of MOAA; I can make that happen very easily as part of the application process.


 We have also created an OUTREACH LETTER with information about the chapter, along with an application form, which includes an easy way to join MOAA for those who are not yet members.  I’d like to suggest that you print off a few of these, put them in envelopes and be ready to pass them along to eligible folks you might run into at your Nurse Organization meetings and conferences or at promotion/retirement ceremonies.  It is both easy and cheap and these gatherings probably present “target-rich environments”.


Thanks very much for your continued support and willingness to “Never Stop Serving”.  Cheers…Ed Baisden, Membership Chair


Submitted by webmaster

October 2020

COL (Ret) Lorna Griess

MOAA is the #1 advocate for Military and related Health Care issues at the National level.  However, there are many issues which are of importance at the State level.  MOAA collaborates closely with the Defense State Liaison Office (DSLO) to advocate and track 10 key issues related to the Military.


MOAA Uniformed Services Nurse  Advocates Virtual Chapter (MUSNAVC) is the only MOAA Chapter with members in all 50 States + DC and PR.  We would encourage our members to explore and become aware of the issues being worked by the DSLO and how their State is doing.  DSLO team gives state policymakers an expert, trusted resource for insight on issues that affect military families. Count on us for reliable information and research, knowledge of policies and processes, and assistance with legislation — all to support service members and their families.

Many state Veterans Affairs organizations/military staff provide training to expose agency service providers to military culture and applicable veteran services in order to improve their understanding of the veteran/family member and how to meet their needs by engaging the right agency.

One key issue is the "ASK THE QUESTION" campaign encouraging states to engage all helping agencies (including health care, social services, education and others) to: Ask the question, “Have you or a family member ever served in the military?” and have the question on all intake forms. The initiative also offers information and assistance to providers regarding what to do when the answer is “Yes.”

Find out more about this issue and see where your State is HERE

Explore the status of legislation and policies addressing 10 key issues important to service members and military families across the nation. Quickly find the progress each state is making on issues from occupational licensing for military spouses to reporting child abuse and neglect of children in military families. Search to see how a particular issue is advancing across the country or explore by state to view state-specific progress on all 10 issues.  See the 10 key issues HERE


October 2020

Submitted by webmaster

Visit MOAA Surviving Spouse Website for more information and resources HERE

LTC (Ret) Susan McKennon

October Surviving Spouse Virtual Chapter meeting (VC02)


Read meeting summary HERE


Submitted by webmaster

Visit our Transition and Job Search page HERE

COL Tonya Dickerson

October 2020


MOAA offers a range of resources for servicemembers seeking to take the next step in their professional life. Whether you plan to enter the workforce or maximize your GI Bill benefits, don't skip this must-read guidance.

Get the details from the MOAA 2020 Transition Guide HERE

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