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August 2023


CAPT(R) Lynn Nash

While Advocacy is an important and major focus of MUSNAVC, it is vital that each of our members are registered with the MOAA Legislative Advocacy Center.  Below is a brief tutorial on how to register.  The process is simple and is a one time requirement.  We ask that all members ensure that you register and enter VC01 as your Chapter affiliation.  Go to the MOAA website HERE, click Advocacy, and click the Legislative Action Center from the dropdown menu.  It is imperative that members stay alert, informed, and engaged on the issues which may impact our Nations readiness and our member benefits.






In the near future, MUSNAVC will begin highlighting some of the additional MOAA supported legislation, with the intent to inform and share information, which will make us better advocates for these issues.  Watch for further information and if you'd like to become more involved, let us know at  We will continue to strongly encourage all members to support and take action on the Active Legislative Campaigns presented in the weekly MOAA Newsletter.  

Download and use at events to market new members.  Print Trifold on both sides of paper.


August 2023

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 Membership Update

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COL (Ret) Kat Clark

Here is a breakdown of our current membership.  Word of mouth, member to colleague, remains the most effective recruiting tool.  To help us reach out, to potential new members, we have placed our downloadable outreach letter and brochure above.  Share them with colleagues and help spread the word.  MUSNAVC members have proven to be a powerful voice in supporting National MOAA  advocacy efforts.


Nurses have been advocates throughout our professional career.  Encourage others to join us who have committed to "Never Stop Serving".  


Let us know what we can do to improve and enhance your membership. 


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August 2023

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Visit MOAA Surviving Spouse Website for more information and resources HERE


LCDR(Ret) Tina Meservey

Premium and Life MOAA members have access to these useful and informative guides.  Click below to access.

Surviving Spouse


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August 2023

Visit our Transition and Job Search page HERE

COL(Ret) Tonya Rogers

2022 Transition Guide.jpg


MOAA offers a range of resources for servicemembers seeking to take the next step in their professional life. Whether you plan to enter the workforce or maximize your GI Bill benefits, don't skip this must-read guidance.

Get the details from the MOAA 2023 Transition Guide HERE

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Click image to view webinar

MOAA Members Download Guide HERE

Personal Affairs
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