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July 2022


CAPT(R) Lynn Nash

MOAA's experts in Washington are constantly reviewing and assessing any and all legislation that may impact the earned pay, benefits, and support programs of the uniformed services and veteran communities. The organization's endorsement process is deliberative; MOAA will not support or oppose any legislation without a thorough review of its potential effects, positive or negative.

The list of bills below offers to you, our advocates, a comprehensive list of Health Care related legislation that MOAA has publicly endorsed for the current session of Congress. 

1.  Support Long-Term and Extended Care Services for Veterans

2.  Justice for ALS Veterans

3.  Secure Health Care for Servicemembers in the Selected Reserve

4.  Dental Coverage for the Reserve Component

5.  Support the Elizabeth Dole Home and Community Based Services for Veterans and Caregivers Act

We ask for all MUSNAVC members to check and see if their Representatives are a cosponsor of these bills and, if not, to send them an email urging their support.  Click HERE to check status and Take Action.


 We are also asking for your support on our State Level Advocacy effort to have all States to support the Nurse Licensure Compact.  We need 11 additional States to join the compact.  Find out further information HERE.


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July 2022


COL (Ret) Ed Baisden

    We now stand at 448 Members in all fifty states (plus DC and Puerto Rico) and 200 congressional districts “covered”.   That is commendable and we should be proud of our recruiting efforts.  Every new member builds the strength of our advocacy force.  We have had several members make major recruiting efforts that have proved fruitful.


     Word of mouth and personal referrals have been the most reliable source for new members.  Simply suggesting that colleagues peruse our website is a ‘no pressure’ way of stimulating interest.  Actively using the "Why Join MOAA?" information is an easy way to make the case for joining the Virtual Chapter. The Benefits of MUSNAVC membership are helpful to show why eligible folks should join us.


     Posting on other military nursing platforms have also proven to be a very beneficial tool.  If you are willing to post on other sites you belong to, just let us know and we will send you a sample posting. If you identify the “prospects:” We’ll make them “members”.


     Thank you for your continued support and commitment to “Never Stop Serving”.




July 2022

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Visit MOAA Surviving Spouse Website for more information and resources HERE


LCDR(Ret) Tina Meservey

Home Health Aid available from the VA



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Visit our Transition and Job Search page HERE

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COL Tonya Dickerson

July 2022


MOAA offers a range of resources for servicemembers seeking to take the next step in their professional life. Whether you plan to enter the workforce or maximize your GI Bill benefits, don't skip this must-read guidance.

Get the details from the MOAA 2022 Transition Guide HERE

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