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MUSNAVC Member Spotlight

Our MUSNAVC Virtual Chapter is centered around common/shared nursing experience.  Under that overall umbrella, however, we have members with widely varied backgrounds, experience, and expertise.  Some are Junior Officers, still on active duty, while many are retired Senior Officers who have left a full military nursing career to move on into other fields where they continue to “Never Stop Serving”. 


Our "Member Spotlight" will provide an introduction to, and inside look at, the amazing backgrounds of our members.   

What we are hoping to do through this “Member Spotlight” feature is to help our members get to know each other a little better by sharing some of our personal information, background, and experiences.  We hope that this might provide the framework for forging new friendships and enabling opportunities for mentoring and sharing.

Download and submit Spotlight form HERE

Current members in the Spotlight
Click on Photo to see Spotlight

Lennie Enzel.jpg

COL (R) Lenore (Lennie) Enzel

Nancy Fritch.jpg

Maj (R) Nancy Fritch


LTC (R) Beulah Nash-Teachey

Mike Monahan.jpg

CDR (R) Mike Monahan

Previous members in the Spotlight
MUSNAVC Board Service Liaison Directors
Click on Photo to see Spotlight

Pat Chappell spot.png

Col (R) Patricia Chappell 

Mary Link.jpg

MG (R) Mary Link


CAPT (R) Angela Martinelli

sherr (2).jpg

COL (R) Diane Scherr

Susan Tussey spot.jpg

CDR (R) Susan Tussey

Patricia Chappell
Susan Tussey
Diane Scherr
Mary Link
Angela Martinelli
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