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Members Only Section includes: Member Roster; Guest Speakers; and  By-Laws


WELCOME to the website of the MOAA Uniformed Services Nurse Advocates  Virtual Chapter.  If you are concerned about Military Healthcare issues which affect Uniformed Service Members (currently serving and Reserve/Guard components, Retirees, Veterans and their families), you’ve landed at the right site. If you’re a current or past member of a Uniformed Services Nurse Corps, you’re on a great path.  We also require membership in the Military Officers Association of America, but that can be done as part of the application process at no cost.  We also charge no dues!  Our members have had interesting and diverse careers, with extraordinary expertise in many areas of nursing.  Nurses have always been patient advocates, caring for them continues through advocacy for healthcare-related legislation and other important MOAA goals.  

Purpose of MUSNAVC

To promote and support the Military Officers Association of America;


To foster fraternal relations and camaraderie among Military Nurses;


To advocate for Healthcare related services and programs for all Military service members, former and present.

Chapter Update

Thank you to all our MUSNAVC members who participated in the MOAA Advocacy in Action campaign event last month.  Through your support, every member of Congress was contacted and informed of the need to (1) Restore the TRICARE pharmacy network and (2) Pay full housing costs of Servicemembers.  Several of our members participated in the in-person meetings held in DC on the hill.  They went as part of their State delegation and reported back of a successful and rewarding experience.  Many MUSNAVC members had visited or called the local office and discussed the issues, using the MOAA provided fact sheets to guide the discussion.  Most of our members responded by using the Legislative Action Center to send emails to their representatives.  No matter how you participated, your support and participation was crucial to the success of the campaign.  Thank-You!

Other notes of Thanks:

  1. Thanks to the efforts of Pat Chappell, Rose Durning, Sherry Hoyt-Cline, and Ann Devers, we have expanded our buddy-call program to the “We Care” program.  This program will reach out following natural disasters/events, and when members just want to stay informed and connected, to let them know that we care and are concerned.  Afterall, caring and concern is innate with the nursing career we have chosen.  See the “We Care” link below under recent updates.  They could always use more volunteers.

  2. Tonya Rogers, Diane Scherr, and Pat Chappell are planning our next “Social Forum” for June. With our members spread across the entire country, it is difficult to hold in person events to get to know each other and spend a little time just to chat.  We hold these virtual events three times a year where we can meet, over our favorite beverage of choice, and share what we are doing and various topics.  Watch for further information for our June social.

  3. Mike Monahan, Mary Link, and Lennie Enzel have done a marvelous job lining up guest speakers for the year.  They listened to what you said were important topics and interests and put together a slate of top-notch excellent speakers.  If you have any suggestions, let us know.

  4. Behind the screen, Kat Clark, membership chair, is doing a magnificent job with recruiting, membership rosters and contact list, welcome letters, and keeping me on schedule. Kathleen Smith, secretary, keeps all our minutes up to date and Robin Garbus, treasurer, keeps our financial and reporting requirements current.

Without all of our wonderful volunteer Board of Directors, there would not be a MUSNAVC!  National MOAA has recognized the significant role and contributions our Chapter members bring to the National Advocacy efforts of MOAA.  Your membership, support, and commitment to “Never Stop Serving” is invaluable and much appreciated.


Special Event

Chat 2023.jpg

Social Virtual Gathering

Thursday, 22 June 2023
7:30-8:30pm (eastern)

Watch for information and invite

Recent Up-Dates

Member Meetings

Wednesday, 21 June 2023
7:45 PM (Eastern Time)

Rene Campos.jpg

Cmdr (Ret) Rene Campos

MOAA Senior Director, Government Relations

Rene is viewed as an expert on Veterans' Affairs issues and has testified before Congress numerous times advocating for Veterans' issues and benefits.  She will provide an update on pending and proposed issues.  

Rene has been an advisor to MUSNAVC since our founding.


Snapshot of Last Meeting

Our last meeting on 17 May 2023, Brig Gen (Ret) Kathleen Flarity, Deputy Director, CU Center for Combat Research, presented a very informative and exciting overview of the research and development being conducted on a broad spectrum of issues involving combat medicine.


It is truly amazing what has been accomplished and what is expected in the near future.

Members can view the recording by going to the 'Members Only' section and clicking on 'Guest Speaker' page.

Member Meetings

Monthly member meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month beginning at 1945 Hours (Eastern) via Zoom Conference.

Members are sent an email reminder message containing the dial-in number and a link to the conference.  Participants are encouraged to use the computer link in order to view the slides used to facilitate the meeting and guest speaker presentations.  If you do not have a computer available you may dial in for audio only participation.

We have Guest Speakers or Facilitated Discussions pertaining to Military Healthcare Issues of Interest. Guest Speaker slides are available on our 'Member's Only' page.

15 May 2023



Congressional Districts

Nurses with a Mission


Never Stop Serving

Brave     Patriotic    Dependable

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