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MOAA Uniformed Services Nurse Advocates Virtual Chapter


Honors and Supports our Veterans

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Help us to Honor our Veterans this Holiday Season

by donating $15 per wreath to be placed at selected gravesites across the Nation by our members.


Use the “donate” button and mark 'wreaths' in special instruction section, or send check to the address listed.  Mark wreath on your check and all proceeds will go to our Wreaths Across America.

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MUSNAVC  Participation in 2020 Wreaths Across America


With sponsorship by MOAA Partner USAA, our MUSNAVC members across America are encouraged to participate in this significant annual event in cemeteries where there are organized programs.  Please note: Each site will have pandemic precautions in place, establish by local guidelines. All programs will be held on Saturday, 19 December 2020.  If you would like to participate in the local wreath laying, please send an email to musnavc@gmail.com  and we will put you in contact with our site POC.  We appreciate your support and participation in this very special event.




                                                                              Remember, Honor, and Teach. 


The United States Soldiers’ and                                              Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery

Airmen’s Home National Cemetery


21 Harewood Rd, NW                                                                  8220 Bragg Blvd                                                        

Washington, DC                                                                           Ft Bragg, NC

POC: MAJ Michelle Binder                                                          POC: COL(R) Jeri Graham

michelle.binder.dnp@gmail.com                                                  jigrahamusa@gmail.com 

phone: 419-819-0381                                                                  phone: 910-616-3487


Fort Bliss National Cemetery                                         Pikes Peak National Cemetery


5200 Fred Wilson                                                                         10545 Drennan Rd

El Paso, TX                                                                                  Colorado Springs, CO

POC: COL(R) Lennie Enzel                                                         POC: Col(R) Pat Chappell

lennie52@juno.com                                                                     patscina@aol.com

phone:                                                                                          phone: 719-229-4814



If you are participating in any of the Wreaths Across America sites, we hope that you will share your pictures and experiences by sending to  musnavc@gmail.com



Many thanks!!    Jeri and Joe