Blue Water Navy Veterans Must Receive VA Healthcare, Court Rules

A Federal Circuit court on 29 January 2019 ruled in favor of Blue Water Navy veterans, granting them presumption of exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. 

These veterans served within 12 miles of the shoreline of the Republic of Vietnam, otherwise known as the territorial waters of Vietnam. 

This victory in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is a major development for veterans and may result in as many as 90,000 Vietnam veterans gaining access to VA healthcare and disability benefits that they otherwise would not have been eligible for.

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The ‘blue water’ Navy veterans of the Vietnam War battle Agent Orange

Alfred Procopio Jr. left the Navy in 1967, decorated with medals for his service on the USS Intrepid, an aircraft carrier deployed off the coast of Vietnam. He also came home with health problems the U.S. government has linked to exposure to the toxic herbicide Agent Orange.

Procopio is one of an estimated 52,000 veterans nationwide who were stationed on ships during the Vietnam War but are not eligible for the same disability benefits as those who put boots on the ground or patrolled the country’s inland rivers.

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House lawmakers launch new effort to pass ‘Blue Water Navy’ bill

 Just days into the new congressional session, some House lawmakers are trying again to secure benefits for thousands of veterans who served on ships off the coast during the Vietnam War – an effort that failed by the time the 115th Congress ended last month.

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