MUSNAVC State Level Advocacy


MOAA has been named a Top Advocate on Military Affairs for the 14th year in a row.  The focus is on National policy and legislation.  We know that many issues and policies affecting our Military and their families are at the State level.

MUSNAVC has started an initiative, as part of our advocacy program, to work with the Defense State Liaison Office (DSLO) to advocate on Health Care related issues at the State level.  DSLO is part of the Department of Defense and have been collaborating with MOAA for many years on State level issues.  MUSNAVC will begin working with three of the eight regional DSLO directors and eventually expand to include all eight regions.


MUSNAVC currently has members in 50 States plus D.C and P.R. and the aim for this endeavor is to enhance our outreach and to 

"Never Stop Serving".  

MUSNAVC Liaison Officers


2021 DSLO Key Issues

Click image below or Key Issue to find out more on these key issues and the status State by State


State Legislative Sessions

Fifty state legislatures and U.S. possessions and territories will meet in 2021. Check the session calendar for convening and adjourning dates, updates on special sessions, and dates of formal organizational sessions.