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Health Care 
Legislation 2022



Read and find out more on the Issue and send a message to your Representatives 


The list of bills below offers to you, our advocates, a list of Health Care related legislation that MOAA has publicly endorsed for the current session of Congress. 

Support Long-Term and Extended Care Services for Veterans

One of MOAA’s top VA health care priorities this year is prioritizing and accelerating access to caregiving support, as well as long-term and extended care programs and services.

As such, MOAA supports three key bills targeting expansion and improvement of VA programs supporting eligible veterans and caregivers. The bills vary in scope but collectively provide a wide range of programs and services for veterans as well as the requisite authority and resources for the VA to meet the needs of beneficiaries. 

However, time is running out this year to advance this important legislation. We urge you to reach out to your lawmakers today and ask them to support these three bills: the Elizabeth Dole Home Care Act; the Expanding Veterans’ Options for Long-Term Care Act; and the Long-Term Care Veterans Choice Act.


Justice for ALS Veterans

When a servicemember or veteran dies in service or of a service-connected condition, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) is owed to their surviving spouse. When they are rated 100% disabled or unemployable as a result of disability for a period of at least eight years prior to their death, DIC is increased by $305 per month.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a totally disabling and fatal illness. It is incredibly aggressive, and those who served are twice as likely to develop the disease as non-veterans. The mean survival time for ALS is two to five years, and only 20% of ALS victims survive past the five-year mark. This means many survivors are not eligible for full benefits under the current law. Congressional action is needed to amend the law and eliminate the eight-year requirement for ALS given its aggressive nature, recognizing the hardship faced by servicemembers, veterans and their families.

MOAA believes surviving spouses should not be disadvantaged when an aggressive illness like ALS takes their loved ones far too soon. The unique nature of this disease means few veterans survive long enough to receive the enhanced benefits that other totally disabled veterans receive. We encourage Congress to pass the Justice for ALS Act to support survivors’ families. Take action now and ask your lawmaker to cosponsor this important bill.

Help MOAA Secure Health Care for Servicemembers in the Selected Reserve

The National Guard and Reserve play critical roles in our national defense and emergency response missions. In the past year, our nation has relied on the Reserve Component to assist with responses to wildfires, natural disasters, civil disturbances, the COVID-19 pandemic, and global operations. Yet, its members lack health care and dental coverage to maintain their readiness. The Healthcare For Our Troops Act would provide medical and dental care for Selected Reserve members at no out-of-pocket cost, bringing their coverage in line with their active duty counterparts.

Support the Elizabeth Dole Home and Community Based Services for Veterans and Caregivers Act

Contact your representative and senators and urge them to support H.R. 6823 and S. 3854, the Elizabeth Dole Home and Community Based Services for Veterans and Caregivers Act. This a comprehensive piece of legislation that will improve VA home and community-based services to care and support veterans and their caregivers.

Urge Your House Member to Support Dental Coverage for the Reserve Component

Ask your House member to support the Dental Care for Our Troops Act, which would provide dental coverage to reserve component servicemembers with no premium or copays to support dental readiness and bring their benefit on par with the active component.

Check to see if your Representative is a co-Sponsor of these bills.  If not, send them a message using the Send email Action link to urge their support.

Changing laws on Capitol Hill is arduous work. Legislation addressing critical issues can remain stuck in subcommittees through an entire two-year congressional session. Other bills can advance through committees only to lose momentum and die before reaching a floor vote. MOAA members can move these changes forward, but only if we’re all pulling in the same direction.

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