Advocacy in Action


From Dana Atkins

Changing laws on Capitol Hill is arduous work. Legislation addressing critical issues can remain stuck in subcommittees through an entire two-year congressional session. Other bills can advance through committees only to lose momentum and die before reaching a floor vote. MOAA members can move these changes forward, but only if we’re all pulling in the same direction.

 That’s where Advocacy in Action comes in.


 I encourage all MOAA members to take part in this campaign throughout April. Click the links below to send letters to your legislators, preparing them for calls from MOAA’s state leaders and other volunteers who will be arranging meetings online and in person. Special focus will be put on interacting with these lawmakers during their state and district work period (April 11-22), when they will be more accessible to their constituents.

Use the buttons below to find your Representatives to call their offices or visit in person. 
We recommend that you read the Issue Papers, below,  to become familiar with the issues prior to contacting your Representatives.



Read and find out more on the Issue Papers and send your message to your Representatives 


Support the Major Richard Star Act

  • At Stake: Concurrent receipt of DoD retirement pay and VA disability benefits for combat-injured veterans.

  • Learn More: Download MOAA's Issue Paper. Watch this video about the bill and the need for concurrent receipt.

  • Take Action: Send this message to your lawmakers.

Support the Stop Copay Overpay Act

  • At Stake: Affordable mental health care for TRICARE beneficiaries, including retirees and families of servicemembers.

  • Learn More: Download MOAA's Issue Paper.  

  • Take Action: Send this message to your lawmakers.

Ensure a Competitive Military Pay Raise

  • At Stake: Preserving fair compensation for those in uniform and maintaining the all-volunteer force.

  • Learn More: Download MOAA's Issue Paper.  

  • Take Action: Send this message to your lawmakers.

Use this link below to send a message.  Enter "VC01" as Chapter on email message.

 [ACT NOW: Send a Message to Your Lawmakers Supporting MOAA’s Advocacy in Action Priorities]