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Good news…


The adoption papers are signed!  The MUSNAVC Board of Directors have agreed to adopt a deployed Army Reserve Medical Unit serving in Kuwait. 

Our newly elected Reserve Liaison board member, COL Melissa Mitravich, is the Commander of the 411th Hospital Center deployed to Kuwait.  Melissa tells us that they have almost everything they need and are not looking for the traditional “care packages” from home, but rather something that will boost morale and spirits of the troops…Letters from home.  All of us who have deployed know how letters from home can make your day just by knowing that someone is thinking of you.

We would like to encourage everyone who can to participate and support our troops.  We ask that you write and ‘snail mail’ a letter or card to a deployed unit member.  The 411th Hospital Center comprises members from several East Coast States and runs the full gamut of staff from supply clerk to physician, officer and enlisted.  They will be deployed until September time frame.

If you have a preference, you may tell us who you would like to write to and we’ll send you the name and APO address.  You may write to as many as you like and ask if they have e-mail, if you prefer to communicate that way.  It is up to the Soldier to decide if they want to share their e-mail. 


This is a terrific opportunity for MUSNAVC to reach out and support our troops.  We are also going to find out if the unit Family Support Group would like for letters to be sent to families of those deployed.   If so, we will let you know.

To participate in this effort please send an email to or reply to this this message and we will get you the name(s) and address.

Thank you so much for your support and participation. “Never Stop Serving”


Best regards and Cheers,

Jeri and Joe

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